The Council of Finnish Academies

The Council of Finnish Academies works to promote high quality scientific research and the impact of research in society. The Council represents the Finnish academies of science in international scientific organizations and promotes the international visibility of Finnish science.

The Council of Finnish Academies actively takes part in domestic and international debates on science policies. The Council works to create interfaces for researcher-policymaker dialogues in order to advance the use of scientific knowledge in policymaking.

Grants for National Committees

The Council of Finnish Academies allocates National Committees with state subsidies from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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22 10, 2019

The Great Nobel Debate 2019

  What’s all about with the 2019 Nobel Prizes? Do they foster scientific breakthroughs and how? Welcome to the Great Nobel Debate 2019 in Sanomatalo, Helsinki! The event is in Finnish, and it is organized […]

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ALLEA: Delivering Horizon Europe Statement

ALLEA, the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities, submitted a statement to the European Commission. The statement includes concrete suggestions on the implementation in the current draft of the Commission’s Strategic Plan on Horizon Europe.
Publisher: ALLEA
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