The Council of Finnish Academies is a cooperative body for the four science academies in Finland. The Council works to promote high quality scientific research and the impact of research in society.

The Council's memberships and partnerships

We represent Finland in international science organizations and serve as a focal point and facilitator between the international and the Finnish science communities.
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The Executive Committee of Council of Finnish Academies

Chair Professor Jukka Meurman
Vice Chair Professor Markku Leskelä
Members D.Sc. (Tech.) Leni von Bonsdorff
Professor em. Anna Mauranen

The Executive Committee of Council of Finnish Academies has four delegates. The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, the Finnish Society of Science and Letters, the Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences, and the Swedish Academy of Engineering Science in Finland each nominate one delegate.

Science academies

The four science academies in Finland are a part of the international system of science academies. Science academies represent independent and high quality research. Their membership is limited and new members are included by invitation, based on scientific merits.

Science academies promote autonomous research and scientific discourse by f.ex. organizing seminars, distributing grants and by producing evidence-based publications.

The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters is a bilingual (Swedish and Finnish) science academy of all fields of science.

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is a general scientific and academic society covering the full range of academic disciplines.

The Finnish Academy of Technology

The Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland is a Swedish language science academy.