The Council of Finnish Academies

The Council of Finnish Academies works to promote high quality scientific research and the impact of research in society. The Council represents the Finnish academies of science in international scientific organizations and promotes the international visibility of Finnish science.

The Council of Finnish Academies actively takes part in domestic and international debates on science policies. The Council works as a create interfaces for researcher-policymaker dialogues in order to advance the use of scientific knowledge in policymaking.

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Grants for National Committees

The Council of Finnish Academies allocates National Committees with state subsidies from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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712, 2016

IAP for Research launching a project around the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The InterAcademy Council/IAP for Research is undertaking a three year project that will be […]

512, 2016

EASAC on Circular Economy: Indicators and Priorities for Critical Materials

European Academies Science Advice Council (EASAC) has released two new reports on circular economy: “Priorities for […]

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15 03, 2017

Etiikan päivä

Etiikan päivä on vuosittain järjestettävä tieteen eettisiä kysymyksiä käsittelevä seminaari. Seuraava Etiikan päivä järjestetään 15.3.2017 Tieteiden talolla Helsingissä. […]

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EASAC: Priorities for Critical Materials for a Circular Economy

In its report on critical materials, EASAC offers some potential approaches to analysing scarcity and identifying which elements are likely to be at risk of future scarcity.
Publisher: European Academies’ Science Advice Council (EASAC)
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